World of Commerce

A conversation about what’s happening in commerce today will likely be outdated in a week. How do we keep up with it all? We keep talking.

From generative AI and the metaverse to live shopping and native checkout, there’s always something new to discuss in the commerce world. Marcel Hollerbach, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Berlin-based Productsup as well as Co-Founder and Entrepreneurial Partner at Cavalry Ventures, brings some of the industry’s leading experts together from all over the world to talk about what excites them most about the intersection of commerce and tech, the biggest challenges they’re seeing companies face, and their predictions of where we’re headed.

Episodes will be released each week featuring a new guest, whether it be leaders at major brands and retailers, tech founders, thought leaders, investors, etc. Some interviews will be in English and others in German.

Listen in to ongoing conversations about the world of commerce.

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World of Commerce